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To Removing Unwanted Hair

Your Exclusive Laser Offer

Receive $458 worth of value for only $99

Your Exclusive Laser Offer

Our $99 Special Introductory Offer Includes These Fantastic Services:

  • A pre-treatment consultation where we cover everything you need to know about your treatment and any concerns you may have. Valued at $50.
  • Pre-Laser Preparation treatment. Valued at $30.
  • Laser Treatment on one complete body are of your choosing*.  Valued at $299.
  • Post Laser Mask. All treatments finish with a cooling mask designed to take the redness and tingling away. Valued at $30.
  • Sun Active Body Recover Cream. Visibly reduces irritation & redness post sun exposure. Valued at $49.

That's $458 worth of value for just $99 (Save $310)

*One body per session. Legs are $150 extra fee

The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal

In the battle of unwanted hair there’s no greater weapon than GentleLASE but with such power comes great responsibility and that’s where the therapists at Face of Man have you covered.

So you’ve shaved, waxed, even plucked but there’s a hair battle brewing you just can’t win, and one that over the summer months you just can’t hide. However, if you want a job done properly you’ve got to call in the bug guns and that means it’s time to laser.

Why we're the ultimate Laser Jedi's

Firstly, at Face of Man, we’ve chosen Candela. Not only the most trusted name in the industry, the Candela GentleLASE laser delivers results that continue to recommend clients to us. Secondly, we’re true masters of laser. All Face of Man therapists hold laser certifications so you can be sure we know how to handle this incredible technology while making you feel comfortable every step of the way. And while laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment our job is to help minimise the risks and ensure you’re delivered the very best in service, experience and results that you just won’t get anywhere else.

Meet Your Therapists

Our team bring a wealth of experience and are passionate about skincare!

Senior Dermal Specialist

Dermal Specialist

Dermal Specialist

Hear From People Who Enjoy

Face of Man


“I have recently undergone a course of laser hair removal at Face of Man and have found the process rewarding and highly recommended. Catriona is very thorough in her methods and process and in turn this achieves a positive outcome from the procedure. During each session Catriona explains and discusses with you your progress and the expected outcomes from the booking moving forward. Thankyou Catriona, and thank you Face of Man."

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Voted Best Men's Salon by GQ Australia

Sydney's Leading Destination

For Men's Skincare Grooming

Having opened in 1978, and originally housed in the iconic Strand Arcade, Face of Man is Australia’s first-ever male grooming lounge. Due to increasing demand, in 2011 Face of Man relocated to a generously proportioned, well-appointed premises in Sydney’s central business district, evoking the atmosphere of an early 20th-century smoking lounge reflective of our time honoured approach to customer service.

Over the past 40 years we have continually evolved our services, investing in state-of-the-art technology, techniques and products, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry, catering to the pressures of the contemporary gentleman. Today, Face of Man remains the country’s leading destination for men’s skincare and grooming, with seven treatment rooms and staff offering unrivalled expertise personalised to suit your individual needs



Receive $458 worth of value for only $99

Your Exclusive Laser Offer

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