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Skincare For Men: Summer

by Face of Man

Skincare For Men: Summer

As the weather warms and we begin to spend more time outdoors, giving you a deep tan along the way, it’s easy to forget about taking care of your skin.

But the higher temperature, increased humidity and more active time of the year leads to sweating, the skin’s production of more oil, and potential for sun damage.

So while our lifestyles become more relaxed during the summer, our skincare regime shouldn’t.


What happens to men’s skin in the summer

As body temperatures rise, so too do we begin to sweat and our skin’s oil production levels increase. This is coupled with a rise in testosterone caused greater physical activity, which additionally increases oil production.

These factors are not in themselves an issue, with sweating good for releasing toxins from the body, usually leading to brighter skin.

But because men’s skin tends to be quite porous, sweat and oil often causes a waxy residue on the surface. This can trap pollutants in the pores, leading to blackheads, and cause breakouts and excess shine.


Not so fun in the sun

Despite extensive promotion, too few people are aware of the effects of sun damage. This is particularly the case in Australia, where our active lifestyles and positioning beneath a hole in the ozone layer exposes us to great UV damage.

While concern should be raised in terms of skin cancer, the sun also does damage to the skin’s appearance, particularly beginning to show in a man’s late 30s to 40s. At this age, sun spots, deep lines and wrinkles, redness caused by the stretching of blood vessels, pigmentation and dryness begin to appear.

The best form of treatment is protection, and a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30 should be worn at all times. This will create a barrier between your skin and the UBV rays of the sun, as well as keeping your skin protected from pollution in the air. Our clients absolutely love our Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying

Even those that work indoors, such as in an office, should wear a strong sunscreen, as UVA – the most damaging rays – can penetrate through glass. UVA rays penetrate multiple skin layers and can kill skin cells, speeding up the ageing process.


How to care for your skin in the summer

Unlike a cleanser in the winter to help restore hydration, a summer cleanser should contains ingredients that will help to breakdown the oily residue on the skin and clear the congested pores.

Salicylic acid is derived from Willow Bark it is an ingredient in many cosmeceutical skin care products and anti-acne products because of its ability to speed the shedding of epidermis cells. This helps to open clogged pores, killing bacteria within. The removal of dead skin cells reduces the size of pores, helping to reduce oil production. Ultraceuticals even skin tone is the perfect product to treat these concerns.


The Next Step

A Microdermabrasion will help to decongest the skin and regulate oil production, resulting in brighter, clearer skin. Book in for a consultation or treatment today.