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Wrinkle Injections & fillers

Wrinkle Reduction & Prevention For The Modern Man

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin and are a natural part of the ageing process. As you get older, your skin gets thinner, drier and loses its elasticity. This reduced ability to protect itself from damage is what leads to facial wrinkles.

Short of consulting a plastic surgeon for a surgical facelift, anti-wrinkle treatments are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can help skin rejuvenation.

We offer two types of cosmetic enhancement procedures at our Sydney salon: anti- wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers. Both are non-surgical and minimally invasive.


For the modern man, we can help with:
● forehead lines (otherwise known as frown lines)
● crow’s feet
● alleviate symptoms of excessive sweating


PS – The Therapeutic Goods Administration has strict rules on how NSW cosmetic
clinics may advertise cosmetic injections. If we seem vague in our descriptions, it is because we are not permitted to mention certain brands and terms. Rest assured that we have experienced and licensed professionals at our Sydney CBD salon.



How Do Anti Wrinkle Treatments Help With Anti-Ageing Rejuvenation?

Anti-wrinkle injections (brotox) contain purified form of the botulinum toxin that freezes muscles. These neuromdulators contain a regulated amount of the toxin which blocks nerve signals in the injected muscles. This in turn temporarily paralyses the muscle, thus softening, reducing or even removing lines or wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are injected beneath the surface of your skin to add volume and fullness.


Other Skin Treatments

If brotox or dermal fillers aren’t your thing, we offer skin needling. Also known as Dermal Rolling or medical grade micro-needling, skin needling is an effective dermal therapy for optimising skin regeneration.


At Face Of Man, we use the latest Dermapen 4 which is the safest and smartest of the bunch.


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TYPE & Price

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Cost is charged $6 to $15 per unit, typically starting from $250 per area

Dermal Fillers

Cost is charged $14 per unit, typically start from $250per area

Cosmetic Injection FAQ

How many units will I need?

The number of units will depend on a few variables:

  1. how much movement you have in your forehead
  2. the depth of the forehead lines
  3. the width of your forehead
  4. the height of your hairline

When you come in for the first time, our experienced cosmetic nurse will be able to give you a personalised quote.

Anti-wrinkle treatments for men can cost more than their female counterparts. This is because the muscles in men’s faces are typically bulkier than women’s, therefore, more product is required to treat the same area.

The typical anti-wrinkle injection treatment starts from $250 per area.

How much does it cost?

Anti-wrinkle injections start from $6 per unit and can cost up to $15 per unit depending on the brand used.

We charge $14 per unit for dermal fillers. You can expect to pay $250 per treatment area.

How long will it last?

Anti-wrinkle injections will last three to six months on average. It can take multiple treatments for your muscles to respond to the toxin. We find that results are longer lasting after several sessions as your skin has more time to regenerate the collagen it needs to fill in those lines and wrinkles.

How long does it take to work?

Within 24 to 48 hours, with results lasting up to 4 months.

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