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What is an A-zyme peel?

by Face of Man

What is an A-zyme peel?

Today we are talking fastest results with minimum down time, so firstly let me begin by explaining to you

“What is an A-zyme peel”?

Our A-zyme peel is a 1% retional (vitamin A) peel that has an added exfoliating ingredient, Brolimine (an enzyme derived from pineapples) to help brighten the surface of the skin. The A-zyme peel is the strongest peel we have and gets the best results for a huge arrange of skin conditions and concerns.
So why do you need Vitamin A in your skin? Vitamin A has a small molecular structure meaning its able to get to the lower layers of the skin to work from the inside out. It is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient which means it can connect to almost any skin cell and tell it to behave like a younger, healthy functioning cell. It works by promoting skin cells to regenerate at a faster level bringing through fresh young skin cells and getting rid of old damaged ones, for this reason it has the ability to reduce the years of aging!

With all this cell turnover it is now producing a lot more hylauranic acid, (our skins own natural hydration) giving the skin a fresh glow. One of its most powerful qualities is its ability at normalising and regulating oil production (amazing for acne or breakout prone skin with in-house treatments and home care use). The anti-aging effects of Retionl on the skin have been broadly acknowledged and widely documented. Clinically Vitamin A has been shown to promote the deposition of new collagen and prevent its degeneration (reduces fine lines and wrinkles). In addition it reduces pigmentation and sun damage as it acts like a “jack-hammer” breaking up the damaged melanin cells in the deeper layers of your skin, bringing them to the surface where they can be exfoliated off! As your oil flow slows down and you are producing more collagen, your pore size will slowly start to refine and shrink in size making them less visible to the naked eye.


The Next Step

Why is our A-zyme peel perfect for you? If you can imagine a technologically advanced peel that provides real visible results without discomfort, minimal to no redness making it a great “lunch time” peel allowing you to go about your day with no signs of had having a peel. Three days after your peel you might experience some “shedding” or light flaking of the skin, however using the ultraceuticals post peel products is compulsory to reduce this downtime and ensure best results. If you are looking for best results, I personally recommend this as your go to peel.

Cathriona x