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Celebrating 42 Years of Face of Man

by Face of Man

Celebrating 42 Years of Face of Man

November 2020 marks 42 years of Face of Man, Australia’s first-ever men’s grooming lounge. A lot has happened in our 42 incredible years of business and we are taking this opportunity during our birthday month to reflect on four epic decades.

Face of Man began as a men’s grooming lounge and today, 42 years on – it is an institution. Frequented by celebrities, sporting legends, musicians, businessmen and just down-right awesome blokes, the calibre of clientele is a testament to the service our team, and teams before us have provided.

Voted ‘Best Men’s Salon in Sydney’ by GQ in 2017 we have continued to set the standard in our industry. It is truly a privilege to be part of Face of Man and its long and wonderful history here in Sydney!

Our Message

Men deserve to have their skin spoiled, too!

In addition to perfecting our treatments, something we are especially passionate about is normalising self-care and maintenance treatments beyond a standard hair clip. For too long, this style of maintenance has been widely considered a pastime for women.

We are proud to be part of something greater. Allowing men to exist in a space that challenges that belief and helps improve men’s confidence as they can address skin concerns that may be affecting their appearance and thus, their self-esteem.

The evolution of Face of Man has seen more and more men embracing the benefits of selfcare over the years. Once considered a luxury, now an essential. We hope that this message spread, and more men feel confident to experience the benefits of the treatments and services that we offer.

Remember, it is just maintenance with a side of scotch.

Started from the Bottom Now We Here (you sang that didn’t you?!)

Face of Man opened in 1978 by a lady called Nancy Baliman who was an absolute visionary of her time. Face Of Man was originally housed in the iconic Strand Arcade – a 30 sqm slice of heaven. Nancy would go on to have the business for 30 wonderful years.

During this time Nancy and her team treated all the leading men. The sanctuary she created attracted a start studded clientele and when asked why she began a Men’s Salon, her response was “I knew it was the future”.

Nancy did a wonderful job of building the business. Despite the era, Nancy make a significant mark in space and contributed significantly to the breaking down of stereotypes that selfcare and maintenance hindered masculinity.

Today, we have middle aged male clients who came to Nancy for treatments when they were teenagers. They now bring their sons.

When the time came for Nancy to retire, Face Of Man was sold to a client, Wayne Bonnici who had the business for 4 years before it was sold again in 2008 to current owner and innovator, Kylie Hayden.

Since Kylie took ownership of Face Of Man, the brand has grown exponentially. The once 3-room, 2-therapist business with a focus on waxing has since been reborn. Face Of Man now spans across 180sqm, boasts 9 custom-built treatment rooms and has a team of 10 dedicated Therapists.

As the business evolved, too has the line-up of services made available to the men who frequent the Salon. This has included investing in state-of-the-art technologies including laser hair removal, to PICO tattoo removal. Our finger is firmly on the pulse with industry trends, techniques and products ensuring we remain at the forefront of the Men’s grooming catering to the pressures of the contemporary gentleman.

The Salon also has an extensive selection of Advanced Skin Treatments on offer; 17 to be exact! From 1 hour Relaxation Spa Facials to Skin Needling and Non-Ablative Laser treatments, the salon has gone on to win awards for best men’s salon in the ABIA awards.

There came a point where the increasing demand resulted in the need for relocation. It was in 2011 we opened our doors in our hot new location within Sydney’s central business district with a new and improved facility.

We have stayed true to our origins and continued to evoke the atmosphere of an early 20th century smoking lounge reflective of our time-honoured approach to customer service.

Over the past 40 years we have cut no corners and maintained the integrity of the Face of Man name as we have continued to evolve and grow our brand and the services that we offer.

To this day, we are proud to say that Face of Man remains the country’s leading destination for male skincare and grooming. We have seven treatment rooms and staff that offer unmatched expertise, we guarantee every interaction is personalised to suit the client’s individual needs.

The Evolution of Men’s Grooming

Men’s grooming has not always been the norm and we feel that there is still a stigma that is attached to it. For too long selfcare and grooming has been considered an exclusive act for only women to indulge in. The belief pattern that such activities would hinder masculinity needs to shift in our society and we at Face of Man walk that path on a daily basis.

It was in the 20th century that men’s grooming was really put on the map and popularity began to spread. The age of Hollywood saw men like Fred Astaire and Elvis Presley trend setting hairstyles, grooming habits and more.

From this era, we have continued to evolve as a society into slowly accepting that men should be able to pamper themselves the same ways which women do without judgement. Considering men typically have larger pores, more textured skin, shave their face regularly, sweat more and often do not participate in rigorous at home skincare regimes means that men NEED Face Of Man more than they think!

Join the Movement

At Face of Man we are so happy to see the amount of men coming in to experience the slice of grooming heaven that we offer amongst our range of services. If you want to learn more, visit our website to book a skin treatment, massage, grooming, anti-aging treatment, tattoo removal or nail care today!